Grape Variety

Imported by the Romans in their expansion into northern Europe. Produced in this land since ancient times, in 500 he came to such a reputation to be used in the exchange of gifts among the powerful of the time. Now is the most prevalent grape variety in the hills of Eocene province of Udine and Gorizia ones. The filtered cakes were Ribolla quotatissimi the beginning of the century in the ‘Austro-Hungarian Empire. After ups and downs, the vine, vigorous, late sprouting, early maturation, now stands in the sunniest locations, the dry eastern hill.


It has a bright straw color and an elegant bouquet and intense, the flavor is lively and balanced, dry, fresh, vinous, lightweight body.

Serve gourmet

In gastronomy prefers delicate fish and seafood. It goes well with cold appetizers with sour lemon sauces and all ‘vinegar, soups and pasta dishes with vegetables, cream soups.

Serving Temperature

It should be drunk at a temperature of 10 ° C, as an aperitif and 12 ° C at the table.