Grape Variety

Picolit is a wine growing jewel for Friuli. It was certainly thanks to the earl Fabio Asquini that during the second half of the 1700 the vine was considered under the right value by cultivating it on a large scale and exported to the France Court, the Austrian Emperor, the Zar of Russia, the Court of the Pope, etc. The reason of its cultivation on a smaller scale is due to the flower failure, which is its physiological damage.


A fine and deep scent, florid, fruity, extraordinarly sturdy. It is sweet to the palate, velvet like, harmonic.

Serve gourmet

Picolit is an excellent dessert wine. Due to its characteristics this kind of wine is really difficult to bind together, this is the reason why it is known as a meditation wine and it is better to taste it in a complete lonelyness.

Serving Temperature

It has to be tasted at a 10-12° C.