Grape Variety

Italian or Hungarian? Or rather, Friulian or Hungarian? Rivers of ink have been spilled, on ‘origin of this variety, even an international trial has been brought to his paternity. Conti, coachmen, monks, bishops, the warriors’ were imported in Friuli. One can only say that the Friulano, both for wine grape that is very different from that of Hungary. Suffice it to note that the Friuliano is a dry wine with strong flavors of almond, fruity, the Hungarian liqueur, amber in color, with about 15 degrees of alcohol.


Characteristic for the color from pale greenish particular, an elegant bouquet, reminiscent of fine flowers’ acacia. The taste is full bodied, dry and harmonious with an aftertaste of bitter almonds.

Serve gourmet

Excellent as an aperitif wine used in the Collio, to table accompanies fish dishes, and grilled meats. And ‘particularly suited to accompany the ham, also smoked cheeses, antipasti, pasta dishes, white meats and fish.

Serving Temperature

Should be served at a temperature of 10 ° C as an aperitif and 12 ° C at the table.