the Humar Family


The history of the Humar winery and estate mingles with that of the borderland it lies on.

Indeed, the territory has experienced many changes and border shifts, and as a result the different peoples have mingled in this regional melting pot. It is here that the Humar winery and estate was established in the early twentieth century. Antonio Humar started farming on about two hectares of land. As was typical in the area in those days, the farm included growing fruit trees and keeping dairy cattle. In the 1950s Antonio handed over the baton to his sons Marcello and Marino, who renovated the vineyards and winery to modern standards, specializing in viticulture, and in particular growing the varieties included in the Collio DOC appellation.

Marino had the merit of understanding the potential of his wine thanks also to his total dedication to the land and profound knowledge of viticulture. Since 1960, at Humar, we only bottle wines of our own production. Masterly experimentation has led our winery to premium winegrowing and making, which has earned us a number of awards and accolades. At Humar we produce some 60 thousand bottles of wine a year. Today the estate and wine operation are run by Dario and his wife, Nataša. Together they proudly carry on the family tradition with courage, determination, and an innovative spirit.